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How Can Your Fleet Provide Better Engine Asset Protection?
All engines eventually will wear out. By reducing wear and friction, engine life will be extended. The ECO MicroFilters H-6 provides superior engine protection in actual daily revenue service.

How Can Your Fleet Reduce its Labor Hours?
Many transit buses are equipped with a mechanical bypass centrifuge oil cleaner device, which provides supplemental crankcase oil filtration. The ECOMicroFilters H-6 is a “betterment”. Less time is required to operate this non-mechanical device and there are no hydraulic or electrical connections to fail. It carries a 20 year warranty and is made in the USA.

How Can Engine Lubrication Become More Sustainable?
Sustainable lubrication requires both better engine protection and extended oil miles. Because the ECO MicroFilters H-6 cleans the oil more efficiently than other bypass devices, the oil is cleaner and engine wear is reduced. The number of wear metals/mile at extended oil miles with the ECO MicroFilters H-6 is the same as, or lower, than the wear metals/mile with other bypass devices at standard oil miles. When you are ready to implement extended oil miles, your fleet already will have the most efficient bypass device in place. Why use an older device technology? 

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